Bomber Bit Trial

Equitain provide certain Bomber bits on a trial basis.

Bits available will be indicated with the hire logo on the page and the option to select hire at time of purchase.

How to hire the bit

Select the bit model and size you require.

If that product is available for trial then a selection box will be on the page - you MUST select YES to the "Trial this bit" option on the page.

You purchase the bit for the RRP and pay any postal charges due.

If you select hire, then you may not receive a new bit - but we will exchange it FOC if you choose to keep it.

If you do not select hire then you will not be able to return the bit other than under the terms of the guarantee.

The next step

We send you out the bit by recorded next day delivery.

You have 14 days to trial the bit.

This 14 days is from the day it arrives with you until the day it is returned to us.

I want to keep the bit(s)


Then if you were sent a new bit, just keep it

If you were sent a used bit then please return it to us with a note asking for a new one to be sent out.

We will dispatch this free of postal charges for you.

I don't want to keep the bit(s)

Then so long as you return it to us within the time scale we will refund your card in line with our charges structure below.

We must receive the bit in good condition, without damage or breakage.

All used bits are photographed by us prior to dispatch.

If the bit is broken or damaged we will not refund you.


Bit trial is for 14 days - from the time of arrival with you to the time of return to us.

We make a charge of £15.00 for bits up to £99.99 and £20.00 for bits over £100.00

We will also charge you £5.00 if the bit is dirty and needs cleaning

What are your responsibilities

We accept wear and tear on the bits - however this does not include breakages or damage.

The bit must be returned to us in clean condition, with no debris on it at all. If it is not then we will charge an additional £5.00 for cleaning it.