International Orders


Because of the way our shopping system works with tax it will not automatically remove the VAT for international orders.

Therefore - please use the following discount codes to remove the VAT from international orders.

These codes rely on you being registered to shop and having your shipping address set up to correct for that country.

    • For CANADA - P48UPFFAP8S0
    • For USA - AXW6G4S9OI0O
    • For JAPAN - TNK1VES49PM4

If you aren't on this list and should be then please contact us for immediate service.

Customs and Import Taxes

Would clients please note that we are legally obliged to disclose the contents and value of content for outside EU shipments.

This may result in the payment of local import taxes and duties which is beyond our control.

Please avail yourself of this cost before committing to purchasing.

In addition, the shipping costs may appear high. We will book and adjust your shipping at the time your order is ready. If there is any difference a credit will be issued.

This website - provides an excellent estimate of the costs should you be required to pay them.

Not every shipment is stopped and not every shipment is required to pay in our experience - it depends on value, contents and destination.

Delivery Costs

It is impossible to have a totally accurate costing for international shipments considering we are not a massive global brand with access to fixed price shipping world wide.

Within Europe the costs will be pretty accurate, outside Europe we estimate them to be on the high side AND WE REFUND you the difference once we have posted the items. 100% of the time 100% guaranteed.